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Supports healthy digestion


In numerous studies, DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX was shown to:


• Support healthy digestion

• Help reduce symptoms associated with Lactose intolerance

• Help with a significant reduction of gas and bloating associated with the ingestion of high calorie, high fat meals when taking certain enzymes.

• May calm skin issues associated with rosacea


What is DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX and what does it do?


DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX is a vegetarian sourced digestive enzyme blend. Products classified as digestive enzymes help facilitate digestion, the absorption of nutrients, help maintain the proper pH in the gastrointestinal tract, and act as a barrier against invasion of viruses and bacteria. There are seven basic types of digestive enzymes each with various sub-classifications and differing functions. The basic enzymes and their specific functions are as follows: amylase digests starches, cellulose digests fibers, lactase digests dairy products, lipases digest fats, oils and triglycerides, maltase digests starch and grains, proteases digest proteins and sucrose digests sugars.


Who needs DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX and what are symptoms of deficiency?


Poor digestive function has been linked to many symptoms and a wide variety of clinical digestive conditions. It is also important to note that there have been few clinical studies regarding the use of digestive enzyme products in the treatment of specific digestive conditions. The use of digestive enzymes to treat symptoms and health conditions associated with digestive problems comes mostly from health care practitioner observations, anecdotal reports and manufacturer’s product claims. Even though there is a lack of scientific research to verify the effectiveness of digestive enzymes, these products have become widely accepted and used worldwide for assisting healthy digestion.




Digestion: DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX may reverse the digestive upset that can occur with normal ageing. Many practitioners contend that digestive problems often develop in later decades because stores of digestive enzymes decline with advancing age. Taking supplemental enzymes helps to restore good digestion by replenishing these dwindling supplies. It may treat flatulence, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive complaints. Nearly all types of digestive problems can benefit from enzyme therapy. In the case of heartburn, for example, the thinking is that any means of accelerating the stomach's emptying of food may well reduce stomach acid and lessen irritation along the digestive tract. Upset due to irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis) may also be eased.


Cancer: DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX may provide nutritional support for cancer patients. Although definitive studies are lacking, some practitioners prescribe high-dose enzyme therapy as adjunctive (supportive) treatment for cancers of the pancreas, colon, lung, and other organs. Enzymes are also given to soothe side effects from harsh chemotherapy and radiation regimens. A highly concentrated blend of pancreatic enzymes has shown some early promise against multiple myeloma, an immune-system cancer. Some physicians who use alternative therapies to treat cancer include high doses of enzymes because they believe the enzymes can have a direct effect on the cancer itself. See also Serrapeptase.


Rosacea: Control the ruddiness of rosacea. Taking a small amount of DIGESTIVE ENZYME COMPLEX supplements with meals may improve this chronic skin complaint. Patient testimonials and a handful of small studies indicate that it can be an effective approach.

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