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Radisafe Phone Protection Chip - $29.00


Radisafe Phone Protection Chip

Beware of fakes. Only buy from a verifiable distributor. Cheap look alikes are around that don't work!


Unprotected cell phones can lead to unwanted cancers – as agreed by a growing number of physicians / scientists* worldwide. It’s as simple as that.

*Electromagnetic fields and radiation damage DNA and enhance cell death rates, and therefore they are a Ubiquitous Universal Genotoxic Carcinogen, (detected by the human brain and alters the melatonin output) that enhances the rates of Cancer, Cardiac, Reproductive and Neurological disease and mortality in human populations. Therefore there is no safe threshold level. The only safe exposure level is zero, a position confirmed by dose-response trends in epidemiological studies. Dr Neil Cherry, Lincoln University, New Zealand, (


*Dr David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York believes that up to 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure (Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York. [Sunday Mirror Apr/04]).


Cell phones emit high levels of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation directly into your head, actually heating it up in the process. There is increasing amounts of scientific evidence linking this to increased risk of brain cancers. Effective, efficient cell phone protection i.e. cell phone protective chips, can harmonize this harmful radiation. This enables your body to stay healthy.


Our suppliers been searching and testing cell phone protection devices/chips for several years until finding the Radisafe protective phone chip


The technology used in them was compatible to that used in their other devices. The RadiSafe cell phone chip tested at 72% effective (with 100% being total protection) They were impressed but knew that this could be improved.


By adding a scalar frequency to the crystals in the chips the performance was improved by 30%. They now give 95% protection which we believe is the highest protection of any phone chips available! These BOOSTED RadiSafe are only available from our supplier, their agents, and here.


Affordable to whole families, they are available in a discounted pack of four chips. The Radisafe cell Phone chips last the life time of the phone.


Don’t forget that cordless land line phones emit high levels of EMF radiation and can be even more dangerous than cell phones!! And usually we speak longer on cordless phones – because its usually cheaper and we think that it is safer!

Radisafe Chips are also suitable for cordless phones, computer screens and keyboards, TV screens, and hair dryers (high on the list of radiation causing appliances)

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